Would you like to rent a MV-Rad?
There are information about registration, rental and return.

1. Register

open website or app MV-Rad. (credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or GooglePay are required)

2. rent a bike

open app MV-RadRent your bike using the app: scan the QR code or enter the bike number. The frame lock on the rear wheel opens automatically. Therefore, never rent a bike from a distance.

1 account = 4 bikes

Up to four bikes can be rented on one account at the same time.

3. break from driving

You can park your bike without ending the rental. Activate the drive pause mode in the app and then close the lock. You can end it here at any time; the lock opens automatically. Therefore, never end the drive pause mode remotely.

4. return bike

Park the bike in the station and push it into the stands provided; the return will be automatically recorded by our terminal. Please check in the app whether the return was successful.
If there is no free stand available, place the bike next to the station. Push down the small lever on the frame lock. Update the app to make sure the loan has finished. You can use the map to see where the bikes can be returned.

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